Oneironautics Podcast Episode #003 is live, ya’ll!  It was our pleasure to chat with the metaphysically enchanting Noah Lampert.  We religiously tune in to, and now sponsor his podcast, Synchronicity.  Noah is a dreamer, a seeker, a lover of life. In this episode we discuss fostering spaces for creativity, finding balance between logic and magic, learn the origins of Sync podcast and MindPod network, and discuss the benefits of dreaming and mindfulness practice.  Keep an eye out for MindPod Network’s new book release “Practically Mindful” in the coming weeks, and check out Sync podcast and more at  We’re especially fond of Noah’s recent episodes with Steven Kampmann, Robert Waggoner and John F. Simon Jr!


*Our podcast now supports the Alan Watts Foundation.  Visit to be directed to Alan Watts Electronic University and use promo code eatdreambe to receive 25% off ALL Alan Watts recordings.  Tap into this essential collection and support the legacy of the one of our foremost modern spiritual scholars.  He’ll hold your hand as you walk the path.


Show Notes

Vic Berger
Noah’s Election Reflection Eps. 56 of Synchronicity
Third Eye Drops Podcast w/ Michael Phillips
Berklee College of Music
Erowid – psychedelic experience vault
Pink Floyd the Wall
Massive Attack
The Writings on the Wall – Destiny’s Child
14.4 Modem
Carl Jung – Answer To Job
Robert Waggoner
Noah & Robert Waggoner Ep. 50 on Synchronicity Podcast
Carlos Castaneda
Naropa Dream Yogas – Blue Print for Lucid Dreaming
Hanuman Chalisa – Noah’s daily meditation mantra
Ram Dass
Neem Karoli Baba
Mind Pod Network
Duncan Trussell
Jason King – Canabible Author
Rhagu Marcus
Be Here Now Network
Tara Brach
Fierce Grace – Ram Dass Stroke Documentary
NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programing
EPA – United States Environmental Protection Agency
I-Ching – Book of Changes
“Practically Mindful” Book – Practical exercises to stay mindful and aware without meditation.
Synchronicity Facebook Group
Mind Beyond Death – Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche