“Nearly half of the songs we play have derived from dreams… I had a dream that my friends were passing around a guitar singing. The guitar landed on a particular friend, and I remember thinking in my dream, “Wow, that’s an awesome song! I wish I had written it…” I woke up and my initial thought was the same. I quickly realized that the song was a dream which my subconscious had created. I frantically wrote it down, and the result of that dream is the song, “Capture You”, which will be on our new EP!” – David Kapsner

Formed in Austin, TX, The Mammoths have refined a wide range of influence into a melting pot of blues-rock with elements of psychedelia. Members David Kapsner, Michael Jekot, and Tyler Rush have been playing together for over 15 years. Newest member, Tim Durand, completes the heavy-hitting lineup on the drums. These guys were kind enough to sit down in the Rock House, ATX and perform an acoustic set of songs from their debut EP. Support their recently Kickstarted project here! and look out for them: themammothsmusic.com | instagram.com/the_mammoths

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The Mammoths – Be-Sides: “Pistol Point”

The Mammoths – Be-Sides: “Pocket”

The Mammoths – Be-Sides: “Lover Lover”