The Dream Team caught up with Calliope Musicals for a Be-Side session at their Glitter Pitt HQ in Austin, Texas. These lovely souls are a psychedelic squad of musicians who fill in their folksy roots with a mix of vibraphone, tribal drums, bass, lead guitar and explosive vocals. They exude feel-good vibes that aim to swallow listeners and spit them out as happier versions of their former selves! – We loved that their song “Velveteen” originated from a vivid dream about eating a peach — as Carrie Fussell once compared it to — “the perfect fruit experience” Look out for Calliope Musicals: | |
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Calliope Musicals – “Velveteen”

Calliope Musicals – “Echo of the Whoos”

Calliope Musicals – “1604”