Like the musicians we support, Eat Dream Be has soul. We see music as pure and direct manifestation of the ultimate creative source, our dreams. Tone is unquantifiably abstract, suggesting sound images much like the dream images we paint in our mind’s eye—ripe with collective emotion and intuition, and dripping with a sense of true self. These images are evidence of a collective unconscious, channeled and charged by each beautifully unique human observer to be shared with fellow man. Follow me with a bit of imagination and open thought, and dreams and sound become one and the same, ringing out across the fabric of the universe, unbridled by perceived frontiers of space and time.

When asked where he got his “ideas” from, Duke Ellington remarked, “Ideas? Oh man, I got a million dreams. That’s all I do—I dream. All the time.” Among a myriad of others, The Beatles, Hendrix and Cash all wrote raw dream material into internationally recognized songs as progressive music began to first shatter industry walls, and the bands we collaborate with on our Eat Dream Be-Sides here do too!

Along with our private house shows in the Front Range, Be-Sides are the building blocks of a rich tapestry of musicians and tone-loving dreamers that will unite for a full-blown music, food and dreaming festival down the road. We’ll keep you in the loop on the fest, but for now, watch this feed become filled with the music you want to hear in the world. Each video is accompanied with a code, which if used in our shop will give 10% of your purchase back to the music, supporting marketing, recording and travel for these folks we love.