The Project

The Team

The Dream Team met as friends in Telluride, collaborating on several personal projects and thought experiments before collectively deciding to move with one of them, Eat Dream Be, to the Front Range of Colorado in Fall 2015.


Lifelong oneironaut, experimental cook, and father of the Dream Bars idea. Hardy is impassioned to explore the impact of functional foods and natural medicines that realize physiological effects to awaken human potential. He’s a true dream advocate, ambitioned to focus mass intention on dreaming; together becoming more and more awake, mindful and beautifully alive.

Currently reading: Psyche and Matter (Marie-Louise von Franz), The Sleep Revolution (Arianna Huffington), Hermetica (ed. Walter Scott), The Invisible Landscape (Terence & Dennis McKenna).


When he is not enjoying the cinema of his uncontrolled subconscious, Paul likes to turn ideas into tangible realities. Creating web and product experiences that bring people and art closer together brings him ultimate satisfaction, especially when the end goal is always magical sun rising goosebumps. Working on the Eat Dream Be project fulfills many of his passions, including his inner foodie. Paul is an avid dreamer and always sees them as insight into his waking life, he wishes to share his joy and satisfaction of the dream life with all!

Currently reading: Man and His Symbols (Aniela Jaffé, Carl Jung, Jolande Jacobi, Joseph L. Henderson, and Marie-Louise von Franz), The Emerald Mile (Kevin Fedarko)

Giving Back

As co-founder, Hardy elects to give 1% of Eat Dream Be’s profits to Farm Aid. Farm aid supports independent family farmers with grants to help ensure the viability of our foodshed, and highlights core issues such as corporate power (see Bayer’s recent $66 Billion acquisition of Monsanto), GMO transparency and genetic diversity rights, and the health of our soil, water and climate. Having worked with closely with farmers while in the restaurant industry, and now raising a small farm himself, Hardy believes that farmers should be able to make their own unique decisions about the diverse ecosystems they curate, so as to produce an abundance of clean food, and share the beauty and wisdom of sustainable living.
As co-founder, Paul elects to give 1% of Eat Dream Be’s sales to 1% For The Planet, a collective of non-profit organizations striving to preserve the health of our planet, through conservation of fisheries, oceans and all aspects of our environment in hopes to provide for future generations.


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