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Dreamer’s Brew Loose Leaf Tea


Our Dream Tea is your new dreaming ally. An enchanting amalgam of plant medicines intended for heart opening, soul awareness, and astral travel. Invigorating rather than sedative, this tonic of nervine and adaptogenic herbs will enliven your spirit and charge your dreaming body for a journey in the Realms. Bedtime ritual with the brew will stir euphoria, intrigue the unconscious, and perpetuate vivid and lucid dreaming experience.

Mother Artemesia [Mugwort] affixes us to the astral body as the vitality of her specie in every landscape teaches us that we are, also, everywhere. Father Lotus, the spirit of Ra, knows tranquil awareness, cool intuition and soul expansion. Sister Damiana breathes divine love, in and out. The moksha medicine Tulsi [Holy Basil] perpetuates our life-long quest for self-knowledge, transcendence, and purity. Guru Gotu Kola balances our brain’s hemispheres, centers us in the flow state of dream, and galvanizes memory. A scintilla of Stevia gently reminds: you too are sweet.

Brew in the hour before bed, even sip with a Dream Bar. Savor your ‘tea and biscuit’ as you prepare to maintain awareness in the dream state. Sláinte!

Note: Pregnant women should not consume mugwort in any form for among her many medicinal effects, she relaxes the uterus.

Please revisit our Dream Tea after bringing new life into the world!

Learn more about these plant spirits below:

Artemesia vulgaris, known commonly as Mugwort (the European-American variety), is a hardy plant whose roots find home in a myriad of soils and climate zones across the globe. The spirit of this Mother relieves ego tensions. Her aerial parts bring us closer to the unconscious, preparing us to walk with the Other in dream. She tunes us to intrinsic psychic connection, stimulates vital gut organs, clears, cleanses, rejuvenates and inspires! We know Mugwort to enhance dreaming colour.

Nymphaea caerulea, the sacred Blue Lotus flower, is herald as the ‘flower of intuition.’ His effect inspires euphoric transcendence, embodying the spirits of the sun god Ra’s timeless lineage. This divine plant surely inspired the ancients Egyptians to collect and propagate an immense wealth of knowledge, the very aim of your dream practice!

Turnera diffusa – the ancient Aztec medicine Damiana, is known especially among Central and South American cultures for her relaxing and aphrodisiac effects. She is specifically indicated to ease anxiety with predominant sexual factors. Since many of our dreams are linked to neuroses of sexual nature, she helps us step out of egoic trances to realize a clear picture of our whole Being in dream.

Ocimum terniflorum – Tulsi a.k.a. Holy Basil (Krishna variety) calms and energizes the spirit, and helps us adapt to stress. Many Indian households cultivate a single plant for good karma, and suggest that consuming one leaf a day will perpetuate moksha! The Hindus believe Tulsi to be the manifestation of the god mother in the vegetable kingdom. Her energy is associated with the Jungian Anima, the part of the psyche directed inward, and associated with the unconscious realm of dream. Her adaptogenic properties calm flight or fight responses, which we believe, may help you stay in the dream state upon noticing elements of lucidity!

Centella asiatica – Gotu Kola is the ‘yogis herb’, said to develop the crown chakra and balance the two hemispheres of the brain (see the brain shaped leaf?!). Inductive of introspective, flow and meditative states, it’s also supportive of the memory functions we call on to remember our dreams. Elephants are rumored to snack on the tender leaves in the wetlands of Asia, and an elephant never forgets!

Happy dreaming from the whole Dream Team. Love your dreams and they will love you back.

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Ingredients: *Artemesia vulgaris (Mugwort), *Nymphaea caerulea​ (Blue Lotus)​, *​Turnera diffusa (Damiana), *Ocimum terniflorum (Tulsi Krishna), *Centella asiatica (Gotu Kola), *Stevia rebaudiana (Stevia) .   *Organic

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