At Eat Dream Be we advocate meaningful awareness of active dream practice as a miraculous gateway to soulful self work and boundless creativity.

The Dream Bar™ is a calming snack to savor in life’s meditative moments: your sunny morning introspection, glorious afternoon hammock nap, or grounding bedtime ritual.

12 Bar Variety Box (4 of each flavor)


We craft Dream Bars in small batches with organic ingredients rich in the building block nutrients of neurotransmitters associated with mood, memory, REM sleep and vivid dreaming, and infuse them with complimentary nervine herbs (Lavender, Chamomile, and Lemon Balm). It's mindful functional food™ made with love and intention to connect your dreaming and waking lives.

Taste all three flavors: Apple Chamomile, Banana Lavender & Tart Cherry Lemon Balm with our variety pack. Each bar is it’s own unique and grounding experience.

Feed your brain,
feed your dreams.

As a society we are beginning to acknowledge that each bite of every meal has an effect on brain composition, affecting the the very roots of consciousness.  Almost one third of the brain is composed of neurons, cells that transmit information through electrical and chemical signals with a seemingly unconscious intelligence.  For example, neurons in our sense organs influence our perception of the reality we experience at any given moment.

Neurotransmitters are the messenger molecules between neuron cells, and their health and abundance is a central focus in our experiment with dreaming and food.  For half of the last century, various experiments (including our own 7+ years of dream food research) have proven that eating certain foods raises the bioavailability of precursor nutrients accessing corresponding neurons; and in fact, enhances the natural release of neurotransmitters in neurons that are actively firing at the time of consumption due to neural networks linking the gut biome to the brain.  In order to focus the effects of our products in the realm of sleep and dreams, we chose to work with ingredients containing the building block nutrients of serotonin and acetylcholine, the neurotransmitters associated with circadian rhythm and REM sleep, respectively.

Consuming tryptophan-rich foods (the same sleepy molecule of Thanksgiving turkey lore) is proven to rapidly stimulate serotonin production in the brain.  The serotonergic system is chiefly responsible for regulating circadian rhythm (our sleep-wake cycle) by creating melatonin, the hormone whose release prompts sleep.  Nicknamed “the mood molecule,” naturally increasing serotonin levels before bed with foods is calming, and leads to relaxed, meditative dream flow.

Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter most often associated with lucid dreaming, and is also responsible for the translation of experiences to memory.  The accretion of acetylcholine increases the amount of time spent in REM, the sleep cycle when you’re most likely dreaming.  While some dreaming supplements include inhibitors to prevent the enzymatic decay of acetylcholine, we created Dream Bars with organic foods rich in its precursor, choline, to naturally promote the most sought after components of dream practice: lucidity and recall.   This means our bars are safe for all ages from your toddler to your grandmother.  Remember: everyone dreams!

Plant Allies

When creating the Dream Bar, we didn’t stop at dream foods.  We also sought to pay homage to the plant allies that became quintessential to our dream practices over the years.  Nervine herbs are plants whose active compounds positively affect the nervous system, as described above in relation to the foods we eat.  These herbs ease nervous tension in the body (anxiety and stress), which in turn eases the psyche, helping you achieve successful meditation, restful sleep and active dreams.  Chamomile, Lavender and Lemon Balm are all well-known nervine relaxants with non-sedative natures and no negative side effects.  They are loyal friends on the dreamer’s journey.


“My dreams were really interestedly impacted, they were a little more vivid, I recalled a little more. It was clear to me REM got affected… I was intrigued.”
Dr. Michael Daine, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

“Dream bars are the anti-energy bar. The perfectly sized morsels leave me deeply relaxed, cozy and at peace. One before bed brings my dreams into high definition. One in the wee small hours lulls me back to sleep. The banana lavender bar in particular chills me out like a bottle to a baby. It’s amazing what happens to your dreams when you make a conscious effort to connect with them–Eat Dream Be provides that intention in a scrumptious little package!”

Kelly MacLean, Los Angeles

“The Dream Bar is everything it claims to be. Not only does it help me relax during the day but I tend to remember my dreams whenever I have one before going to sleep. I also find it to be a great way to prompt myself for lucid dreams, kind of like a mindfulness practice.”
Noah Lampert, Hudson Valley New York

Apple Chamomile Dream Bar

A symbol of immunity, we prize apples and their nutrient-dense flesh as one of our favorite dream foods.  Each bar contains 7 almonds, purported to supply naturally-occurring melatonin, as well as potassium, magnesium, tryptophan, choline and vitamin B6.  Apple and Chamomile are exceptionally harmonious flavors, “Chamomile” derives from Greek roots meaning “Earth Apple.”

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12 Bar Box

Tart Cherry Lemon Balm Dream Bar

Got melatonin?  Tart cherries are one of the few foods that naturally contain this magical molecule responsible for regulating our sleep-wake cycles.  We pair this tangy fruit with heaps of a most beloved dream food, walnuts!  They provide a hefty dose of potassium, magnesium, tryptophan, choline and vitamin B6 in their tender meats.  Small but mighty poppy seeds contribute stimulating texture as well as a dreamy nutrient boost!

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12 Bar Box

Banana Lavender Dream Bar

Cool as a cucumber banana?  Packing a potent amount of naturally relaxing potassium and magnesium (15% DV in each bar), the banana is a perfect companion meal for meditative dreaming.  Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are the banana’s superfood allies, ripe with tryptophan to get your serotonin synapses firing!  Theobromine in cacao nibs elevates mood, increases blood flow to your brain, and elevates the visual intensity of dreaming experiences.

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12 Bar Box

Dreamer's Brew Loose Leaf Tea

An enchanting amalgam of plant allies intended for heart opening, soul awareness, and astral travel.  Invigorating rather than sedative, this tonic of nervine and adaptogenic herbs will enliven your spirit and charge your dreaming body for journey in the Realms.  Bedtime ritual with the brew will stir euphoria, intrigue the unconscious, and perpetuate vivid and lucid dreaming experience.

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1 oz bag of loose leaf tea (14 cups of tea)

Every living person has the innate faculty to dream. We’re gifted a nightly opportunity to dissolve the residue of waking life and achieve balance between our equally significant conscious and unconscious states of being. With practice, dreaming is our most mindful state, and few nights of focused intention can prepare you for a lifetime of insight and inspiration.

*Lecithin is a naturally occurring compound found in all cells in nature–our brains are approximately 30% lecithin.  It is an essential nutrient for brain and central nervous system health, especially important for children, mothers, and seniors.  Egg yolks are soybeans are the two densest natural sources of choline, and since our bars are vegan except for honey, we include organic soy lecithin rich in phosphatidylcholine for heightened activity of acetylcholine neurotransmitters linked to learning, memory and REM sleep. Organic soy lecithin is produced without the use of any solvents or chemicals, extracted from soybeans with a combination of pressure and supercritical carbon dioxide into a nutrient dense powder.